Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas and New Year Message to Singaporeans

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All of you! How time comes, now we are at the cusp of a new year once again! First of all, many Thanks for taking your time to read this post. I would just want to reiterate that this message is not a New Year message by any politician or well-known persona; this is my very own message to wrap up my experiences and thoughts for year 2010 and share it with all of you, Singaporeans.

This year is a good year for Singaporeans economically. Singapore is poised to be the world’s No.1 country with the highest GDP growth. Career prospects in terms of jobs should be quite good for Singaporeans, as a whole. With such a high proportion of time spent at work each day by Singaporeans, how one feels at work impacts significantly his or her own life as a whole. Hence when it comes to work, one should feel happy and if one does not feel happy, he or she would find it challenging to be happy in life too.

On a personal front, I am struggling in work despites having good work attitude, potential and more. Besides a stifling work environment, there are a number of colleagues who engage in back stabbing and rise through the ranks through “curry-favouring”. I accept life is not fair and those who are not capable and resort to office tricks to harm me as always will be exposed some days, this brings me to the next area of relationships. I just hope that I as a “farmer” will reap the fruits I deserve one day, though it may take decades for the fruits to be reaped.

In social relationships, I am always prime and proper. But as a result of being too kind, I am always subject to lots of insults and humiliations by others. I eat humble pie at all times but when it comes to the insult and humiliation of my loved ones like my family and wife, I will rise up and show the aggressors what I am made of. People love to blackmouth, gossips and spread rumours. I am tired of this in office and my other work commitments. Recently, I just received an email from someone who is of low EQ, implying me that I am a liar for not being able to do something. I did not respond to all these stupid rumours, gossips from emails or others because I find it a waste of time and personally I just ignore them. I do not want to stoop to their level and I do not want to waste precious time!

I face a person regularly who is very popular among others but I know his vested agenda for doing all these benevolent work. He is no saint, as he will always proclaim and he will soon be exposed and I do not need to expose him. This is all karma. For the work of karma, one should not look further than the recent news whereby a prominent youth was found guilty of his misdeeds and sentenced to imprisonment. I should not reveal the name here. Hence time and karma will often expose wrong-doers and doles out the punishment that they need and deserve. This is applicable to all those around me spreading malicious office rumours, playing office politices, and behaving like a benevolent leader but who has a hidden dark vested interest.

After reading all these, you may find that the world, or at least, the world around me seems scary! The world is as such these days; with materialism rearing its ugly head, people resort to all means to achieve their agenda and becoming more evil and promiscuous. But there is still a group which is still good in heart, like me, which I find consoling.

This year, I have realised the importance of religious and spiritual development. And I would like to share with all of you the fact not to neglect your religious and spiritual development. To cut my post short lest you fall asleep now, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved one a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

There would bound to be new challenges and new goals for each and every one of us in year 2011! As a person who keeps trying and trying myself to achieve my goals, i share your experiences towards your goals! As a nation, Singapore is also always confronting challenges and creating opportunities, though they may not be obvious to laymen in general.

Last but not least, if you love my blog and would wish to contact me, feel free to add to my facebook, subscribe to my blog or email me (you will find all these information on this webpage).

I am Singapore’s version of Avatar: a good man but who will rise to the challenge, like in the movie when there is a good cause to fight. I am Singapore’s most ordinary man with great dreams to work towards to. I hope to bring you even better posts when year 2011 comes!

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