Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking back 2010

Looking back this year 2010, one most important area which I have not managed to achieve my goals is my career.

I possess the intellectual, the grit, the determination, the potential to do well in my career and even geared up for higher things. However, things are not meant to be. I watched in sadness as I see my some of my colleagues who are not that capable as me rise faster than me. They rise through the ranks through curry-favouring the bosses and resorting to office politics. And they rise fast.

I have nobody to blame than myself for choosing this job. I am like a jewel being buried deep in the sands. It is a harsh reality that I have to accept that office politics and curry-favouring are some tactics employed by some incapable folks to rise through the ranks. I have lots of ideas and potential to contribute to the organization but I am being silenced and put to the cold waters. I feel miserable for doing very trivial things but what can I do when the organization refuses to recognise my worth and choose to recognize those incapable folks who succumb to curry favour? I still labour unrelentlessly at my work daily, doing my work to the best of my capability while being silenced. I just hope the day when things are fairer. Incapable people being exposed, real true gems being deserved and recognized. But unfortunately, the world is not perfect. The Directors, people in my organization is not perfect. The world is full of evil people when it comes to work.

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