Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Singapore Countdown to Year 2011

I dread December. This is the last month of yet another year. How time flies. It seems just like yesterday that I last shared here on my regret of the fast passing of time. Soon, we will bide year 2010 good bye.

Another year 2011 will be with us soon! Last December, I set up new year resolutions for this year 2010 and now it is time to review these goals, one by one.

Of all the goals that I have set, I have only managed to achieve one significant goal. This does not mean that I did not try at all in other goals. In one aspect, I have tried all I could but luck simply eluded me.

I am hardworking in this whole year, like in other years, but what I failed to achieve really disappointed me. I could only aim to be a luckier next year so as to achieve my goals.

Words cannot convey how important time is. At this moment, I have learn to cherish time. I have learnt to walk away, literally and figuratively from activities that waste my time. Sometimes, I see people doing useless stuff, spending their time doing useless things, or rather things deemed useless to me. I was puzzled but what I realised is different activities carry different meanings to different people.

Where will you be this last day of the year? Most likely, you will be partying away or admiring the fireworks at Marina Bay?

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