Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Amazing Time Machine Toilet in Singapore

There were quite a number of famous toilets where one could give instanteous feedback on his or her quality of experience in using the toilet via a touch screen panel located at the entrance of the toilet. He could give any one of the options: "Poor", "Good" or "Excellent to the cleaner whose photo was also displayed on the panel screen.

I happened to use one of these customer-centric toilets one day and as I entered the loo, I saw a young cleaner cleaning the toilet. After doing my business, I proceeded to the exit (also entrance) to rate the performance of the cleaner using the touch screen. To my utmost surprise, I did not see the photo of the young male cleaner on the touchscreen. It was the photo of an old cleaner instead!

I looked around the toilet.. the young cleaner was no longer seen! Oh my Goodness, while I was answering the call of nature... the earth has turned tens of times and the young cleaner has now become aged and old. Feeling shocked, I went to the mirror and see whether I have become old already, luckily, I am still young!

I heaved a sign of relief and immediately dashed for the exit, only to see the old cleaner whose photo I have seen. I did not stopped down to ask what has happened to him, why has he aged so much from just a minute of cleaning the obviously the wrong photo was displayed at the touch screen panel!

Have A Happy Saturday!

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