Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Heng Swee Keat will chair the SG 50: SINGAPORE’S 50TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS IN 2015 committee as reported. Swee Keat has chaired the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) committee which has just concluded all the OSC sessions. Yesterday, some of the SG 50 committee members were introduced in a TV interview and they include well-known film makers Roystan Tan of “881” movie fame. From what I garnered from the introduction, the SG 50 committee will crystalize and distil ideas around the “Singapore Stories” themes, in the belief that all Singaporeans, young and old, have their individual and unique stories to tell and share with others.

Friday, August 23, 2013


SINGAPORE SHORT STORIES is currently improving the site layout and site experience to give you a refreshing feel of SINGAPORE SHORT STORIES! As a beginning step, horizontal tabs have been made on the top bar of the blog, linking readers to interesting, insightful and uniquely Singapore stories which has been documented on the blog. Do give me sometimes as I refresh the contents of these links from time to time as it takes time and effort to look through the many archives to dish out the Best of Singapore Short Stories.

I have other plans to make Singapore Short Stories even better, so stay tuned!


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Man’s Views of the World

One Man’s Views of the World is the latest book of Lee Kuan Yew. I am so impressed at the extracts of the book which I have read in the newspapers that I went to a bookstore to see whether I may find the book. The bookshop staff told me that the book has been sold out and there is a reprinting of the book going on. The book features around $37 to $39 (I cannot remember the exact price told to me by the staff) and I find that the price of the book is quite okay for reading the book may give readers insights on the thinking of Singapore’s founding father. Ya, I also know that not all Singaporeans may like LKY but the fact is that it is due to LKY that Singapore manages to be what it is today. I am contented with living in Singapore but I also feel not too happy sometimes seeing that our tiny island is being built up with more and more flats and executive condominiums in many neighbourhoods and that there are more and more people here in Singapore … to the point that every public infrastructure seems crowded. Anyway, I hope to read “One Man’s Views of the World” soon to further my insights and thoughts.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

National Day Long Weekends

Tomorrow, Singaporeans will head back to work after a good long National Day Long Weekends, stretching from 8 Aug to today. So have you made full use of the long weekends to relax, rejuvenate or do your favourite things? For myself, though this weekend is a good opportunity for shopping and relaxing, I am not a shopping kind of person and I do not like the crowds. Thus for most of yesterday, I was musing over where I could bring my family out for an outings as all places in Singapore are getting more and more crowded and executive condominiums keep springing out from all plots of untouched land. I do feel a tinge of disappointment seeing that more and more untouched land is being touched to build more executive condominiums and seeing that Singapore is getting more and more crowded beyond what I can identify with the country.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why no red lions at NDP 2013?

I did not notice that there was no Red Lions at NDP 2013 yesterday till I watched the news. It was reported that the parachute item was cancelled due to the low clouds cover. Though there was no Red Lions, I saw that there was the Young Lions at the NDP yesterday. There is a Chinese saying that there cannot be two tigers on the same hill, I am not sure whether our NDP could have two Lions at the same parade too?

Friday, August 09, 2013


I have just watched our National Day Parade 2013. Compared with the parades of previous years, this year's National Day Parade is a fusion of pomp, drama and a generous feature of interactive multimedia presentations. I do not really quite like the show after all the marching as I find the themes that the parade would like to present is not clear as I feel that the organizing committee wants to do too much things in the show segment: stories, traditional display and multi-media that the theme becomes too overwhelmed. The fireworks displays though stunning still can be improved in my opinions. I still find that fireworks should not be scattered throughout the finale items of the show but there should just be one grand finale of fireworks which will leave something for all spectators and TV viewers to take away with.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! Today is Singapore's National Day Birthday and I would like to wish all of us Singaporeans a Happy and Prosperous living in Singapore! Though I am a bit disappointed in not being able to get the National Day tickets, yet again for so many years, I will be singing the following NDP songs to celebrate National Day:

Thursday, August 08, 2013


NATIONAL DAY AWARDS 2013: you can view the list of NATIONAL DAY AWARDS 2013 winners on NATIONAL DAY AWARDS 2013 website.

Dhanabalan to be conferred top National Day Awards 2013?

I believe Dhanabalan, former Chairman of Temasek Holdings will be conferred the top National Day Awards for 2013.

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