Sunday, August 11, 2013

National Day Long Weekends

Tomorrow, Singaporeans will head back to work after a good long National Day Long Weekends, stretching from 8 Aug to today. So have you made full use of the long weekends to relax, rejuvenate or do your favourite things? For myself, though this weekend is a good opportunity for shopping and relaxing, I am not a shopping kind of person and I do not like the crowds. Thus for most of yesterday, I was musing over where I could bring my family out for an outings as all places in Singapore are getting more and more crowded and executive condominiums keep springing out from all plots of untouched land. I do feel a tinge of disappointment seeing that more and more untouched land is being touched to build more executive condominiums and seeing that Singapore is getting more and more crowded beyond what I can identify with the country.

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