Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Man’s Views of the World

One Man’s Views of the World is the latest book of Lee Kuan Yew. I am so impressed at the extracts of the book which I have read in the newspapers that I went to a bookstore to see whether I may find the book. The bookshop staff told me that the book has been sold out and there is a reprinting of the book going on. The book features around $37 to $39 (I cannot remember the exact price told to me by the staff) and I find that the price of the book is quite okay for reading the book may give readers insights on the thinking of Singapore’s founding father. Ya, I also know that not all Singaporeans may like LKY but the fact is that it is due to LKY that Singapore manages to be what it is today. I am contented with living in Singapore but I also feel not too happy sometimes seeing that our tiny island is being built up with more and more flats and executive condominiums in many neighbourhoods and that there are more and more people here in Singapore … to the point that every public infrastructure seems crowded. Anyway, I hope to read “One Man’s Views of the World” soon to further my insights and thoughts.

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