Saturday, July 31, 2010

What makes a good rojak?

I was a bit disappointed today.

Just a few days ago, my mum bought a packet of very good rojak from a store from a store in the neighbourhood.

Today, my wife and I went to patronise this stall and I bought the largest order at $5 for a packet.

As we tucked in, I was instantly disappointed. The rojak turned out to be very cold. The dough sticks were not that crisply fried, the sauce was not as much and the beancurd were not as good.

There went my $5! which could be used to buy a good Big Mac meal! I asked myself: how could a good rojak turned out to be so bad? The rojak was prepared by the same stallholders and nothing else (except the food quality) changed.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Marina Link and Esplanade Xchange

Marina Link is now open, giving Singaporeans much faster access from Raffles City basement all the way to Marina Square via the newly opened Esplanade Xchange.

Singapore Richest 40 men

In the latest list published by Forbes, there are now 11  billionaires in Singapore.

You would need at least $190 million to be in list of the top 40 richest men in Singapore.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG) Facebook

Singapore Youth Olympics Games is coming soon on 14 Aug 10!  Let us pen a wish on Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG) Facebook now!

Singapore National day 2010

Last Saturday was the National Day National Education show for the Primary 5 students. My wife and I happened to be at the right place at the right time, in the city vicinity around evening. With this year National Day being held at the Padang, being at the city at this time proved to be right for those interested to catch a sneak preview of the grand show.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily train rides cross 2 million mark

Today's Straits Times proclaimed that the daily train rides cross 2 million mark!

This is good news to the transport planners advocating more public transport mode share. To the operators, an increase in rides may mean more profits to them.

However as a daily MRT user, I believe that this statistic underscores the need for the train operators to ratchet up service quality to a even higher notch now that so many Singaporeans, New Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners rely on the MRT everyday.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Distance based fares: Fair or not?

Yesterday, I was fuming as I waited very very long for my bus to come. As such, I had time on my side and I took this time to scrutinize the new distance-based bus fare for every service.

I have heard some grouses from the ground that a handful of Singaporeans have paid more under the new distance-based fares.
I was shocked to read from the fare schedule at each bus stop that the distance-based fares are not really based on distances. It should be based on distance-bands-fares. A flat fee of $0.71 is charged from 0 km up to 3.2 km of travel if I am not wrong.

Great food at Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat is one of the favourite food haunts for Singaporeans in Singapore as it possesses a trove of eateries offering great delectable dishes. There is nostalgia of Nonya charm in this area and one can still see some great traditional fixtures in this area such as a signature landmark icon of a red bakery.Okay, enough said of the architectural charms in this area, returning back to the subject of great food in Joo Chiat, my wife and I were at Joo Chiat last Saturday, trawling the place and looking for some great food finds when we just happened to try our luck, entering into an ordinary coffee shop. Soon, the auntie of a stall which we were checking out beckoned us to buy the last “Tou Gan Pao” or translated in English “Beancurd hamburger”.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

The Singapore Youth Olympics Games is commencing 14 Aug 10.

Yesterday, the relay torch was lit in Greece and now the torch has made its way past Berlin, Germany!

Today, around 85,000 Singaporeans participated in a mass walk called "One Community Walk" in 75 locations to rev up the Singapore Youth Olympics.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

City Link, Suntec City and Marine Square are strange today!

My wife and I were at City Link, Suntecy City and Marina Square this afternoon and we witnessed a very strange phenomenon. We were able to stroll and advanced very leisurely... the human traffic was simply not there.... where are the crowds?

Raffles City new link to Suntec City

My Dear and I were leaving Suntec City today, entering the new Promenade MRT station to take the MRT at City Hall MRT station when we spotted that new parts of the City Link mall underpass have been opened.

Earn money from your blog

There are many ways one can earn money from his or her blog. Many of these ways centre around the selling of ad space, affiliate products, writing blog reviews among others.

I read the evening newspapers just one or two days ago and learnt that a Singapore social worker is actually earning an additional income of $5,000 from his blog in a special way. He does not sell any ad space, write reviews or sell any products... he sells the blogs he creates to individuals and companies.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nature and Singapore

What is happening to our country? Just less than a month ago, floods started to deluge Singapore after heavy thunderstorms. And just yesterday, a tree fell after being uprooted by strong winds, smacking the centre of a car and killing the driver.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking life a bit easier .. my days are numbered

These past few days, I have been gearing down life a bit more. What do I mean by that? For the past few months, I have been tenaciously chasing my goals set for this year, though to no success.

I was disappointed nevertheless as I saw all my endeavours towards what I had set out to achieve turn into ashes. I told myself that I would not give up and treat all lessons learnt as feedbacks. Someday or another, I would achieve what I have wanted to achieve.


I had the opportunity to return to my neighbourhood where I was born and spent a part of my childhood in. Do not get me wrong, this neighbourhood is still in Singapore and is just a stone's throw away from where I am staying.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marina Bay to define Singapore the way the Bund defines Shanghai

Our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong has said that Marina Bay will define Singapore the way the Bund defines Shanghai in the Big Walk event held at the Marina Bay today.

If case, you, are like me, not sure of what is the Shanghai Bund, I have uploaded a video below for your information:

I love Marina Bay. I think PM Lee's description is very apt. Marina Bay will be a very happening place in Singapore in a few years' time. And everytime my Dear and I are there, absorbing the sights and scenery of Marina Bay, we feel rejuvenated! We are looking forward to the completion of the other works in Marina Bay such as the Botanic Gardens, the financial districts as well as more works to the Integrated Resorts.

Singapore Flooded

Many parts of Singapore went under water yesterday after a downpour persisted throughout the night. This was the second or third incident when many parts of Singapore were flooded after the (in)famous incident when Orchard Road was flooded for the first time in Singapore's history in middle Jun 10.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Wave Song

World Cup is over. I believe everyone is feeling slightly depressed these days. We know the score: Spain: 1, Holland: 0.

Luckily, we have the "wave song" to cheer us up. To this, Netizens: 1 PUB: 0! Why do I say that? Just view the musical below and you would find out.

This wave song is a spoof on the original World Cup 2010 song, which you can view on the bottom video.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Create your Facebook Group Badge on your website or blog

With effect from today, I will be launching a new feature right here on my blog which would be to share with readers good applications of the new media that you can use on your blog, website, new media platform and other web applications.

For many, creating your Facebook profile badge on your website is simple as following the instructions on your Facebook profile page. But what about the case of creating a badge for the Facebook Group which you created and putting it on your website and badge?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Blog Advertising

To celebrate the coming Singapore National Day, Singapore Short Stories would be giving away to all readers FREE publicity of your products, services and events!

Yes, I am not Kidding, Get exposure to thousands of readers on your events, products and services absolutely for FREE! Publicity of all products and services will be subject to approval.

GuideGecko, Singapore Newest Food & Lifestyle Website

A brand new Singapore food and lifestyle website will up and running come 19 July 2010!

Some Highlights of the website:

- Most complete, in-depth coverage of Singapore: 880+ places with reviews, photos and videos.

- We tell it as it is: If the toilet is dirty or the food mediocre, we'll say it.

- Unique 'Good & Bad' overview for all places: Find out quickly if a place is right for you.

- No wiki-waffle: Our in-house writers have visited every single place and give personal answers to all questions. 

Singapore Science Festival 2010

The Singapore Science Festival, previously known as the Science Month (2001 to 2009 – titled science.01 to science.09), is Singapore’s biggest annual science event.

The new name was chosen to better reflect the aim of the Festival as a celebration of Science and Technology for everyone, young and old alike. This year, more than 100 events, seminars and shows have been lined up over three weeks to provide an exciting and engaging time for youths, adults and families.

Singapore army soldiers on guard duty fliming themselves saw GHOST!

I came across this video today and I am not too sure whether it is a true sighting or not, anyway

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mani the parakeet

So World Cup 2010 has ended! Life returns to normalcy in this little country called Singapore. So Spain, a country, many fans, including our Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, have guessed correctly, right from the beginning of the matches to lift the Golden trophy was really crowned the winner! AND Life goes on in Singapore....

For Singapore, though our "Lions" team did not qualify yet again in  this year's world cup, our "Singapore 2010" did come alive! Instead of the "Lions", Singapore found some international fame in a parrot called Mani, who has predicted to a fair accuracy the quarter-finalists of the World-cup and such accuracy soon propelled Mani to local and international sensation and centre of media attention.

Nasi Lemak Story

I was at Singapore Expo this (Saturday) afternoon with my wife, visiting the National Library Book sale.  There was thousands and thousands of books and hundreds of avid book lovers thronging the exhibition hall. Many were tugging bags and trolleys of these books, each selling at just $2 to $5. Though there was a variety of good books, none of them really caught our eyes and hence we were really the very odd ones out, exiting from the hall without a single book on hand.

Anyway, you might asked what would this to do with the title of this blog post: Nasi Lemak story. Well, when my Dear and I exited the hall, it was 1 pm, time to do lunch. We looked around Expo and decided to try the food at the food court there.

As soon as  we found a seat, what caught my attention was that our table was brightly decorated with pictures of Nasi lemak, and depicting the origins of the favorite Singapore dish. On other meals, there were depiction and illustration of origin of other food such as Nasi Brani. As I read, I realised how I have always under appreciate the origin of this great dish!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Singapore NDP Song 2010

I am a bit disappointed with this year NDP song by Corrine May: "Song for Singapore". Though it is quite nice, in my opinon, it is a bit plain. It sounds a bit like "Stand up for Singapore".

I prefer last year NDP song: more hip and funky! The past NDP songs are also nice. Which is your most favorite NDP song? I was surprised after my compilation of the NDP songs below that the NDP song for 1998 is used again for year 2004.

NDP Song 2010: "Song for Singapore"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

National Service man held under ISA

A full time National Service man was held under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for engaging in self-indoctrination of extremism.

Muhammad Fadil taught himself extremist ideologies and methods of bomb preparation via the internet. It was also reported that he had managed to contact and liaise with other extremist leaders through the internet as well .

Distance-based fares

The Land Transport Authority has just rolled out a new mechanism for the charging of bus and rail fares. Dubbed the ‘distance-based fares’, commuters will be charged in direct proportion to the total
distance they travel. The ‘transfer penalty’ will also be removed for commuters switching from one public transport mode to the other.

While the new framework is

DBS system glitch causes total breakdown

Yesterday, the ATMs and NETs systems of DBS broke down as a result of a technical glitch.

Consumers and customers using the systems suffered great hassle and inconvenience as a result!

The system was finally restored after 7 to 10 hours on the same day.
DBS was quick to add that the system breakdown was not a result of sabotage. It is really interesting to note that in the past two months, flaws in our supposedly excellent public infrastructures are being uncovered.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Why I feel like Spain today?

I feel like Spain today. Totally and comprehensively defeated! With no chance of recovery.

Like Spain,

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Singapore Discussion Forum!

Good news is here!

To further engage the blog readers and to continue building up the blog community, Singapore Short Stories blog will be hosting its very own discussion forum! Yes, now you have another avenue to air your views and thoughts!

This forum is added as part of the Singapore Short Stories blog to engage readers to this blog as well as to enhance readers' experiences of the blog.

I welcome readers to participate actively in this blog. Singapore readers, you can recommend a good place, good food, good events, good items to the rest of the readers.

International friends, you may want to ask questions regarding Singapore or to ask questions pertaining to your next Singapore visit.

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