Monday, July 26, 2010

Great food at Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat is one of the favourite food haunts for Singaporeans in Singapore as it possesses a trove of eateries offering great delectable dishes. There is nostalgia of Nonya charm in this area and one can still see some great traditional fixtures in this area such as a signature landmark icon of a red bakery.Okay, enough said of the architectural charms in this area, returning back to the subject of great food in Joo Chiat, my wife and I were at Joo Chiat last Saturday, trawling the place and looking for some great food finds when we just happened to try our luck, entering into an ordinary coffee shop. Soon, the auntie of a stall which we were checking out beckoned us to buy the last “Tou Gan Pao” or translated in English “Beancurd hamburger”.

I kind of hestitated, not sure what on earth is this dish when my wife, upon looking at a sign pasted on the ‘frontier’ of the stall, proudly presenting the credentials of a delicacy honour bestowed on this stall by Channel U TV, urged me to try. So we bought 4 “Tou Gan Paos” for $4 and immediately sat down to savour it.

This was a feast as the dish turned out to be a delicacy! As minutes went, more customers turned up at the stall, placing their orders for the “Tou Gan Pao”. However they were sadly rejected by the auntie as my Dear and I had started to digest the delicacy! Some of them looked at us jealously, while some others looked at us in anger and hatred, hence my Dear and I left soon after our feast!

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