Saturday, July 24, 2010

Earn money from your blog

There are many ways one can earn money from his or her blog. Many of these ways centre around the selling of ad space, affiliate products, writing blog reviews among others.

I read the evening newspapers just one or two days ago and learnt that a Singapore social worker is actually earning an additional income of $5,000 from his blog in a special way. He does not sell any ad space, write reviews or sell any products... he sells the blogs he creates to individuals and companies.

Basically, he set up an account and hosting site for a blog, hire some freelance writers to write up the content of the blog based on the theme, carry out some techniques to make the blog highly search-engine-optimised and thats it, he sells this blog he makes to others for a huge profit! Buyers who buy his blog, in turn, save time to learn about creating the blog as well as creating the search-engine-optimised techniques to rake in the traffic for the blog.

As a blogger who has blogged for years, I will never buy a customised blog from any professional. I think blogging is a journey. Learning on how to create, manage, learn new blogging features is an intangible great feeling that no money can buy! Buying a ready-made blog just detracts the fun from blogging!

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