Monday, July 12, 2010

Mani the parakeet

So World Cup 2010 has ended! Life returns to normalcy in this little country called Singapore. So Spain, a country, many fans, including our Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, have guessed correctly, right from the beginning of the matches to lift the Golden trophy was really crowned the winner! AND Life goes on in Singapore....

For Singapore, though our "Lions" team did not qualify yet again in  this year's world cup, our "Singapore 2010" did come alive! Instead of the "Lions", Singapore found some international fame in a parrot called Mani, who has predicted to a fair accuracy the quarter-finalists of the World-cup and such accuracy soon propelled Mani to local and international sensation and centre of media attention.

With Mani's accurate predictions, punters going for Mani for a "prediction" paid an increased fee of $50! However, Mani inaccurately predicted that Uruguay and Holland would be crowned 2nd-runner and champion respectively and this soon caused its "services charges" of such predictions to plummet to a low of $5!

A TV footage of the local evening news today featured the owner of Mani. When asked to comment on the inaccurate predictions, the owner of the parrot still asked to be paid for an interview! I was the least impressed by such an attitude. Anyway Paulo the Octopus from Germany accurately predicted the 2nd runner-up and Champion and kudos to this great octopus!

I hope Mani would not be punished by punters who wagered a fortune based on its predictions. Mani is just a little bird!  What Singapore can do now is to invest in a young team of 11 parrots like Germany did, and train them up for the next world cup!

Just as confidently as Germany vowed to clinch the world cup title in 4 years' time, the best of our 11 parrots should determine the winner of the world cup then ACCURATELY! Anyway, I learnt from the media that Paulo the Octopus would have reached its natural lifespan before the next world cup and hence there is really a lot of expectations that the next Mani would be the next Paul the Octopus, becoming the next greatest Animal of the match!

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