Monday, July 26, 2010

Distance based fares: Fair or not?

Yesterday, I was fuming as I waited very very long for my bus to come. As such, I had time on my side and I took this time to scrutinize the new distance-based bus fare for every service.

I have heard some grouses from the ground that a handful of Singaporeans have paid more under the new distance-based fares.
I was shocked to read from the fare schedule at each bus stop that the distance-based fares are not really based on distances. It should be based on distance-bands-fares. A flat fee of $0.71 is charged from 0 km up to 3.2 km of travel if I am not wrong.

Hence imagine if you were to travel for just one or two stops, you would be paying for $0.71, and this is what I found for myself last week. 

Under certain transport arrangements for my outings, I actually paid less, but for other journeys, I pay more.

So is the distance based system fair? I can only say that the new fares are more for some, less for others, depending on the places they go.

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