Wednesday, July 07, 2010

DBS system glitch causes total breakdown

Yesterday, the ATMs and NETs systems of DBS broke down as a result of a technical glitch.

Consumers and customers using the systems suffered great hassle and inconvenience as a result!

The system was finally restored after 7 to 10 hours on the same day.
DBS was quick to add that the system breakdown was not a result of sabotage. It is really interesting to note that in the past two months, flaws in our supposedly excellent public infrastructures are being uncovered.

I mean, Singapore prizes itself for having world-class infrastructure, excellent processes and systems that tick like clockwork but why is it that in the past two months, there was a security breach at our
Changi MRT depot, massive flooding in the city areas caused by ineffective drainage systems and on top of these, a breakdown of the technical system of our largest local bank now?

These glitches in our seemingly flawless public infrastructure put a dent on Singapore’s reputation of a global and liveable city!

While some flaws or glitches in public infrastructure are not uncommon among cities, the recent spate of glitches and flaws in our public infrastructure occurring one after another seems ‘one too many’.

The DBS glitch reminds us that technology, one of the bedrocks of modern life is not infallible.

Singapore’s world class reputation is not infallible either. Therein, lies the continuous need for us to be vigilant and not to rest on our laurels.

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