Thursday, July 08, 2010

Singapore NDP Song 2010

I am a bit disappointed with this year NDP song by Corrine May: "Song for Singapore". Though it is quite nice, in my opinon, it is a bit plain. It sounds a bit like "Stand up for Singapore".

I prefer last year NDP song: more hip and funky! The past NDP songs are also nice. Which is your most favorite NDP song? I was surprised after my compilation of the NDP songs below that the NDP song for 1998 is used again for year 2004.

NDP Song 2010: "Song for Singapore"

NDP Song 2009: "What do you see?"

NDP Song 2008: "Shine for Singapore"

NDP Song 2007: "Will you"

NDP Song 2006: "My Island Home"

NDP Song 2005: "Reach out for the Skies "

NDP Song 2004: "Home"

NDP Song 2003: "One United People"

NDP Song 2002: "We will Get There"

NDP Song 2001: "Where I belong "

NDP Song 2000: "Shine on me "

NDP Song 1999: "Moments of Magic "

NDP Song 1998: "Home "

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