Saturday, July 24, 2010

Raffles City new link to Suntec City

My Dear and I were leaving Suntec City today, entering the new Promenade MRT station to take the MRT at City Hall MRT station when we spotted that new parts of the City Link mall underpass have been opened.

Out of curiosity, we explored the newly unveiled shops  and followed a path which we had never taken before. To our utmost surprise, that link actually led us to the basement of Raffles City shopping centre!

And that was not the best part! The new link actually took us to the basement of the shopping centre much much faster than what we could achieve following the super long walk from Suntec City to City Hall via City Link! You should try it today, it is indeed very very fast and much more comfortable than jostling with the maddening crowds via the old citylink passage to Suntec City!

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