Saturday, July 31, 2010

What makes a good rojak?

I was a bit disappointed today.

Just a few days ago, my mum bought a packet of very good rojak from a store from a store in the neighbourhood.

Today, my wife and I went to patronise this stall and I bought the largest order at $5 for a packet.

As we tucked in, I was instantly disappointed. The rojak turned out to be very cold. The dough sticks were not that crisply fried, the sauce was not as much and the beancurd were not as good.

There went my $5! which could be used to buy a good Big Mac meal! I asked myself: how could a good rojak turned out to be so bad? The rojak was prepared by the same stallholders and nothing else (except the food quality) changed.

Anyway, I surmised that it could be that the stall holders were tired afterall, as it was night time. They could be tired running the business since morning and hence was not as detailed in the night.

Well, what I could say is that the rojak lacked quality control. A good
rojak or food in general, should taste its best at any times.

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