Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily train rides cross 2 million mark

Today's Straits Times proclaimed that the daily train rides cross 2 million mark!

This is good news to the transport planners advocating more public transport mode share. To the operators, an increase in rides may mean more profits to them.

However as a daily MRT user, I believe that this statistic underscores the need for the train operators to ratchet up service quality to a even higher notch now that so many Singaporeans, New Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners rely on the MRT everyday.

Every work day morning, the same scene plays out: passengers are packed like sardines in the train cabin, leaving not much free berth around and I have to transform instantly into a contortionist, twisting my body into a 'shape' right in front of the train door, barely centimetres away from the door. It does not help much that if I board the train at a station closer to the starting station of a line... the same scene will still greet me.

On weekday morning, the train interval is slightly longer than expected. Train operators should really explore how to ensure an optimal experience of commuters taking the MRT.

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