Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had the opportunity to return to my neighbourhood where I was born and spent a part of my childhood in. Do not get me wrong, this neighbourhood is still in Singapore and is just a stone's throw away from where I am staying.

It is quite ironical. Despites the fact that my old neighbourhood is just a few bus stops' away from my current estate, I have not visited the place for more than a year already! Instead of this neighbourhood, I have been frequenting more of the city areas for window-shopping and walk-outs with my wife.

Returning to my old neighbourhood, I discovered that many old shops were not there anymore. In their places were new entrants and the older shops which has withstood the annals of time were really old brand names which have been raking in good businesses till now. I think the fact that they have made it till today reflected a good business model of the owners; but on the other hand, their staying may reflected a resistance of the owners to change.

Though the neighbourhood looks different now with new shops, upgrading and features, the nostalgia that seeped into me today being right here in this old neighbourhood was too overwhelming for me!

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