Sunday, July 18, 2010

Singapore Flooded

Many parts of Singapore went under water yesterday after a downpour persisted throughout the night. This was the second or third incident when many parts of Singapore were flooded after the (in)famous incident when Orchard Road was flooded for the first time in Singapore's history in middle Jun 10.

Yes, Orchard road was flooded once again yesterday and so were other areas. Cars were caught submerged in waters, shop owners had to curse and cry seeing their goods wasting away after being soiled away by the torrents of rain waters. And stray cats had to run for their lives!

Yesterday's incident demonstrated the fact that the (in)famous Orchard road flooding incident was not an isolated case and the reason of that flooding being attributed to the choking of drains by some twigs was now known to be intenable. In my opinion, I believe there is now reason to believe that Singapore's drainage system is now unable to cope with the current rainfall.

The constant flooding of Orchard road and many other areas throughout the island will inevitably tarnish the image of Singapore as a liveable and reputable city. For tourists in Orchard road who witnessed the floods, the experience they encountered, the photos and videos they shot, through "viral effect" especially via the new media, would not bode well to Singapore's tourism

I was real shocked that Singapore came under waters once again yesterday. I have quite a good confidence in Singapore's engineering capabilities and I had thought that the Orchard Road flooding was just an isolated incident. Yet, yesterday's flooding incidents just showed how vulnerable Singapore is to flooding today as with many years ago!

With the Youth Olympics commencing in less than a month's time, when international media spotlight is on the first inaugural Youth Olympics held by our country, I hope that heaven will be good to Singapore and will not unleash the torrents of rain that cause Singapore to be flooded! With images of Singapore's flooding being beamed 'live' to the international audience during Youth Olympics games is really a nightmare, and Singapore's reputation as a MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibition) hub would be at stake!

I would think that the government should now focus on improving the islandwide drainage in each neighbouring precinct as part of the 5-year Neighbourhood Renewal Project (NRP). True, the NRP is good news to residents, as it rejuvenates the estates but basic problems, such as drainage should be solved first.

Watching the incessant rain, and the flooding of Singapore, one could not help but sing "The Wave Song"

But I prefer Madonna's "Rain":

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