Sunday, July 04, 2010

Singapore Discussion Forum!

Good news is here!

To further engage the blog readers and to continue building up the blog community, Singapore Short Stories blog will be hosting its very own discussion forum! Yes, now you have another avenue to air your views and thoughts!

This forum is added as part of the Singapore Short Stories blog to engage readers to this blog as well as to enhance readers' experiences of the blog.

I welcome readers to participate actively in this blog. Singapore readers, you can recommend a good place, good food, good events, good items to the rest of the readers.

International friends, you may want to ask questions regarding Singapore or to ask questions pertaining to your next Singapore visit.

We, the blog community and I will answer the questions readers put up :) and we can have lots of sharings on topics!
You may also post any threads regarding any problems which you have and I believe our blog community can help you with your problems.

While I have made this forum as free for readers to participate and view their opinions, please obey the following rules:

1) No advertising strictly

2) No posting of sexually, racially or explicity extremely point of views

3) No insulting, no slander of others

Any posts containing the above messages will be deleted.

Please also note that such comments may also bring you into trouble with the law, so while I encourage your participation on this forum, please obey the rules, okie?

Have fun with this forum!

The link to the forum is here.

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