Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 ways SMRT could do to solve SMRT China Bus Drivers "Illegal Strike"

After Lim Sin Pang, Ng Boon Gay, Cecilia Sue, Amy Cheong, Alvin Tan Jye Yee, now Singaporeans are hotly discussing the SMRT bus drivers "no show" saga. I humbly offer my 5-cents worth of opinion on what SMRT can do to solve this saga.

New Nation

There is now a new social commentary called New Nation which offers a refreshing take on current affairs. I have read a few articles of New Nation and found these articles to be quite interesting.

Monday, November 26, 2012

SMRT Bus Drivers “AWOL”

I was surprised and taken aback that 102 SMRT bus drivers, from China refused to work today (26 Nov 12) due to unhappiness cited over their pay. From what I could recall, this incident is really one of the very very such cases that could happen here in law-abiding Singapore in decades. I deem such “AWOL” for work by the bus drivers tantamount to the drivers going on a strike. SMRT bus services being public service providers should take a very serious view of this incident.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I know who is this year's PSLE Top Student

As MOE kept a tight rein on the naming of this year's top PSLE student who scored an aggregate of 285 in this year's PSLE, many netizens are reported busily searching online frantically in order to get the identity of the top scorer who was not named in the mass media.

Norton, SITEC & Photobook

I went to SITEX Expo this afternoon. To say that Expo was jam-packed with people when I visited Expo was an understatement. Before my bus could turn into Expo, scenes of queues and queues of cars jamming up the various roads leading to Expo greeted me; they were waiting in line to enter the various carparks around Expo- which were already packed. This was madness, I thought to myself. Anyway, I got into SITEX Expo hassle-free.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angry Men and Angry Birds at Changi Airport

My family and I were just back from our Changi Airport outing. Similar to last year, Changi Airport brought the Angry Birds in to celebrate Christmas. Hmm, this year, I thought the giant Red Angry Bird display at Changi Airport Terminal 3 was made with less impressive or "Solid" material.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Female Model invited to participate in Mediacorp Love In Progress

I am a regular viewer of Channel 8 TV show "Love in Progress". This show is a match-making show where 3 single men and 3 single ladies come aboard together on the show. They then play some games and the show finally culminates in either 1 man or 1 lady choosing his or her potential soulmate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Singapore students now HENG after Mr HENG’s “Reforms”?

Since Heng Swee Keat took over the helm of the Education Ministry last year, he has made many changes to our local education scene, let me share with you those I recall:

a) Awarding students with cash for good conduct

b) No more banding of Secondary Schools

c) Scrapping away the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for SYF competitions and replacing them with very general awards

Huang Wen Yi, Huang Wen Yong, Huang Wen Hong

Singapore most famous Huang Wen xxx are now each fighting for different things:

a) Huang Wen Yi (Ng Boon Gay) is fighting to clear his name, his reputation and his charge.

b) Huang Wen Yong (Singapore's veteran actor) is alleged to fight his health after he showed up on last Sunday TV award ceremony face shrunken.

c) Huang Wen Hong (Singapore's radio DJ) is fighting for a cause after shaving his head.

Sky Dining: eat at Gardens By the Bay?

The Sunday Times carried an article on 18 Nov 12 that the operators of Sky Dining are experiencing lacklustre business on weekdays as there are only a handful of customers for the restaurants on these days. I am not surprised that the business is not good for the restaurants as from my most recent trip at Gardens By The Bay, I do not see any restaurants around despite walking and navigating the Gardens quite thoroughly!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BLT Burger & Honey Chipotle

What is Honey Chipotle? Yesterday, my family and I ate a McDonalds Lunch and ordered the new BLT Chicken burger. There is no more Samurai burger and its famous sauce and hence the new BLT Chicken burger is to replace the Samurai burger as a new offering from McDonalds.

My family and I upsized our set meal and for the upsized fries, we were given a packet of Honey Chipotle powder as favouring for the fries. This Honey Chipotle powder is new to us as we recalled the cheesy favouring for the Samurai Burger which was retired with the Samuari Burger. We placed the Honey Chipotle powder on a piece of serviette and dunked our fries inside before popping them to our mouth.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A simple way to discourage Littering in Singapore

November is traditionally the month when Singapore launches the Clean & Green Singapore event and over the recent weekends, there has been a flurry of Clean & Green campaigns all over Singapore.

This year, the theme of Clean & Green Singapore campaigns seem to be on discouraging littering in view of the persistent littering problem Singapore has despite years of education and reinforcement. In fact, littering has become all the more evident and pronounced in recent years. All Thanks to our armies of cleaners, Singapore is still able to present itself as a clean city to the world despite the phenomenal trend of littering here.

Coolest weather days for Singapore

If you have read my earlier post, you would have read about my observation that Mondays seems to be the coolest days for Singapore.

When I woke up today, I know my conjecture is accurate when I saw the grey clouds on the horizon and experienced the pattering of rain when I walked to the MRT station! Including today, it has rained for at least 3 consecutive Mondays! Such cool days are really good days for outings!

Practise Muay Thai in Thailand

With life so hectic in Singapore, I believe it is really important for one to engage in an exercise, any form of exercise as long as one sweats it out, breathes in deep and work one’s body out for the benefits of mind, body and soul.

An increasing number of Singaporeans is taking up non-conventional sports in Singapore in recent years. One of these non-conventional sports is muay thai . What is Muay Thai? Well, Muay Thai is a martial art sport from Thailand. I believe many Singaporeans are not really that familiar with Muay Thai, but if I give you an analogy that muay thai is to Thailand what Judo is to Japan and Taekwondo is to South Korea, you will probably understand what muay thai is all about better.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 11

I went to my neighbourhood 7 11 store and asked the counter staff whether he has a copy of TODAY for me. His immediate reply was "12 pm". When I heard this, I wondered what he meant by his answer. Was it a codeword used like those we saw in the martial arts movies for which those armed warriors exchange secret code words?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chen Show Mao cut hair

Chen Show Mao, Singapore's most highly qualified Opposition Member-of-Parliament with pedigrees better than some of the Ministers has cut his hair. This is the Chen Show Mao that we normally know, and I was a bit surprised to see Chen Show Mao's newest hairdo! Meanwhile netizens are analysing Chen's particulars.

Mondays are cooler for Singapore?

Today should be yet another hot day. The moment I wake up, the sun is blazing right above me. From what I have observed so far for the previous 2 weeks, Mondays seem to be the coolest for Singapore.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 Singapore International Restaurant Show

My family and I have just returned from Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 held at the Singapore Expo. Despite being Friday and just the 2nd day of the Food Expo, it was jam-packed with people. We saw that there was very little free sampling (not that we are very interested in it) and not many particularly striking stalls selling ready-made food. Anyway, it was not that easy standing to eat as all the tables were taken. Dodo fishballs stall was not there though the usual shark-fin stalls and those selling mee-hoon, etc were there.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More than 100,000 Singaporeans earn less than $1,000 per month

It was reported in a recent Straits Times article that more than 100,000 Singaporeans earn less than $1,000 per month. When I read this, I am quite surprised as it seems to many that Singapore is a prosperous and wealthy nation with approximately 400,000 Singaporeans having a net worth of US $1 million in liquidity excluding property.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long weekend

Today is Deepavali holiday and the last day of my long weekend. Normally, I will go out with my family to city during weekends but it is a surprise that we do not go out to city on long weekends. I reckon it is due to the fact that we no longer like to go city for shopping as the shopping malls and trains are too over-crowded.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Alvin Tan's scholarship terminated

Alvin Tan's scholarship was terminated afterall, according to this article.Alvin Tan has shocked Singapore with his videos and despite what he has done, NUS did not disclose the punishment it meted to Alvin where in fact it should.

Nevertheless, I believe Alvin has given 5 lessons to Singaporeans.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Earn Money

Every Wednesdays and weekends, one can just take a look at the snaking crowds which form outside the Singapore Pools outlets and if you have the time, you can count the number of people in the queue. The lines form due to one simple reason which is simply the fact that Singaporeans want to hit the jackpot, the Toto and 4D and earn more money!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Your Career based on Numerology

Is your current work a Passion which you wake up to everyday happily to embrace it or is your work something you dislike and you are only in it as a means to sustaining a living? I chanced upon a topic of basing your career on numerology and would like to share with you readers the following link.

Monday, November 05, 2012

From Boys to Men: another Jack Neo's film

From Boys to Men, another film from Jack Neo. I believe this film will be another roaring success though I personally have not watched the film. This film will definitely attract the thousands of NSFs to watch similar to the thousands of students who are attracted to watch "I am not Stupid".

Sunday, November 04, 2012

TEMASEK TIMES- closed down?

THE TEMASEK TIMES is a popular online social commentary with thousands of readership daily. THE TEMASEK TIMES is always updated daily however for many days already, the most recent post carried by the website is as of 29 Oct 12, which was nearly a week back.

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Say if we have the names of students in Column A of the excel spreadsheet and the description of their grades in Column B as follows: “Excellent”, “Pass” or “Fail”. You want the names of the students in Column A to appear “Yellow” if their grades are “Excellent”, “Green” as  “Pass” and “Red” as “Fail”. This is what you do:

Open up Microsoft Excel 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Taxi Drivers can earn $6,000 monthly? Yes if drive 490km everyday!

Since news of a taxi driver who can earn up to $6,000 in monthly income was reported in the Sunday Times last week, there has been a flurry of comments both online and offline as to whether a taxi driver can really command that high income in a month- CONSISTENTLY! Yes, we mean CONSISTENTLY i.e. getting that $6,000 salary -which is approximate to the monthly salaries of many young Scholars- month after month.

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