Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BLT Burger & Honey Chipotle

What is Honey Chipotle? Yesterday, my family and I ate a McDonalds Lunch and ordered the new BLT Chicken burger. There is no more Samurai burger and its famous sauce and hence the new BLT Chicken burger is to replace the Samurai burger as a new offering from McDonalds.

My family and I upsized our set meal and for the upsized fries, we were given a packet of Honey Chipotle powder as favouring for the fries. This Honey Chipotle powder is new to us as we recalled the cheesy favouring for the Samurai Burger which was retired with the Samuari Burger. We placed the Honey Chipotle powder on a piece of serviette and dunked our fries inside before popping them to our mouth.

After the fries entered our mouth, we coughed. Initially I did not know why I cough but then I discovered that it has to do with the Honey Chipotle favouring powder which really elicit a spontaneous coughing outburst in us.

Soon I realised we were not alone as we heard those around us coughing too right after savouring the fries coated with Honey Chipotle powder! Luckily my family and I did not dunk the whole packet of fries, together with the Honey chipotle into the paper bag provided.

Intrigued by the above experience, I “googled” for Chipotle when I reached home and according to a website, Chipotle means a smoke-dried chilli used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines, hence it is no wonder that my family and I (as well as almost the whole restaurant coughed!).

Though my family and I did not really like the Honey Chipotle powder since it made us cough, I quite like the McChicken BLT burger as it is a healthier burger with not much oil. Though many Singaporeans know what is “BMT” but not “BLT”, “BLT” definition comes easier for me as it means Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato: the things that went straight into my stomach as I munched on the burger!

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