Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sky Dining: eat at Gardens By the Bay?

The Sunday Times carried an article on 18 Nov 12 that the operators of Sky Dining are experiencing lacklustre business on weekdays as there are only a handful of customers for the restaurants on these days. I am not surprised that the business is not good for the restaurants as from my most recent trip at Gardens By The Bay, I do not see any restaurants around despite walking and navigating the Gardens quite thoroughly!

If a thorough navigator like me does not even see a restaurant in Gardens By The Bay, I believe it is really easy for all the other visitors to give Sky Dining restaurants a miss!

By the way, I think they should change the name of “Sky Dining”. “Sky Dining” seems to give customers the expectations that they are dining at a high restaurant, overlooking the clouds, or at the very least, the 3 towers of Marina Bay Sands! Imagine tourists flocking to the Gardens By the Bay, expecting to see nothing less than the 3 iconic pillars of Singapore while eating, I think they will be quite disappointed, especially after looking around for quite some time for the “Sky Dining” restaurant. Who knows, they may been looking high up at the OCBC skywalk thinking that “Sky Dining” restaurant is located there as is suggested by the name.

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