Friday, November 16, 2012

Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 Singapore International Restaurant Show

My family and I have just returned from Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 held at the Singapore Expo. Despite being Friday and just the 2nd day of the Food Expo, it was jam-packed with people. We saw that there was very little free sampling (not that we are very interested in it) and not many particularly striking stalls selling ready-made food. Anyway, it was not that easy standing to eat as all the tables were taken. Dodo fishballs stall was not there though the usual shark-fin stalls and those selling mee-hoon, etc were there.

It was not surprising that the offering and sampling at the Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 were not very fantastic as this fair is not the Singapore Food Fair. Connected to Asia Pacific Food Expo 2012 was the Singapore International Restaurant Show which features stalls selling dishes from many famous restaurants in Singapore. You can order from these stalls and dine there.

Beside these fairs, there was also Popular Fair 2012 and Mega Expo Sale, so if you want to visit all fairs, it will probably take you half a day.

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