Sunday, November 25, 2012

Norton, SITEC & Photobook

I went to SITEX Expo this afternoon. To say that Expo was jam-packed with people when I visited Expo was an understatement. Before my bus could turn into Expo, scenes of queues and queues of cars jamming up the various roads leading to Expo greeted me; they were waiting in line to enter the various carparks around Expo- which were already packed. This was madness, I thought to myself. Anyway, I got into SITEX Expo hassle-free.

I would not be visiting SITEX if I had no purpose to be there as the crowds were definitely something to avoid. I have just few things I would like to purchase from SITEX which I thought would be sold at lower prices:

a) USB thumbdrive & SD-mini memory card
b) Norton Antivirus

After spending an hour or so at SITEX, I bought a 8 GB SanDisk USB thumbdrive at a good price of $7.50 which was the same price forthe SD-mini memory card. For the Norton Antivirus, I bought the "middle-protection" one at $49 which came with a USB fan as complimentary gift.

It was an eventful visit.

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