Thursday, November 22, 2012

Female Model invited to participate in Mediacorp Love In Progress

I am a regular viewer of Channel 8 TV show "Love in Progress". This show is a match-making show where 3 single men and 3 single ladies come aboard together on the show. They then play some games and the show finally culminates in either 1 man or 1 lady choosing his or her potential soulmate.

All along I thought this is a good show which encourages marriage but I am deeply disappointed when I read MyPaper today which carried an article that the female model on the show on Monday 19 Nov was actually asked by Mediacorp to participate! The model finally won the hand of a male and she pocketed some few thousands dollars!In the article, the 21-year old model was even reported as saying that she did not really have problem in looking for boyfriends.

Initially, when I read that a similar kind of match-making show in China has paid female models to appear on its show, I thought such an act will not happen here, but I was left disappointed knowing that the female model was invited by Mediacorp to participate in the match-making show, denying or reducing the probablities of real participants seeking true love.

I am very disappointed in Mediacorp. I hope Mediacorp Chairman Teo Ming Kian, who was Permanent Secretary of some ministries before taking the helm of Mediacorp can comment on this case.

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