Sunday, November 25, 2012

I know who is this year's PSLE Top Student

As MOE kept a tight rein on the naming of this year's top PSLE student who scored an aggregate of 285 in this year's PSLE, many netizens are reported busily searching online frantically in order to get the identity of the top scorer who was not named in the mass media.

I found more and more Singaporeans love to engage in this sort of online search activity, i.e. searching for something that is obviously not disclosed by the state to them. Earlier on, when the string of that high-profile online sex scandal hit Singapore, many netizens hammered on their keyboards, searching and searching for hours and hours to yield the photo, the name of that prinicipal who had sex with the underage prinicipal; the name of the IT lady who had sex with former chiefs of CNB and SCDF, etc.

And for this question of "Who is PSLE top student this year?" I have the answer. The answer is WHO.

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