Monday, November 19, 2012

Practise Muay Thai in Thailand

With life so hectic in Singapore, I believe it is really important for one to engage in an exercise, any form of exercise as long as one sweats it out, breathes in deep and work one’s body out for the benefits of mind, body and soul.

An increasing number of Singaporeans is taking up non-conventional sports in Singapore in recent years. One of these non-conventional sports is muay thai . What is Muay Thai? Well, Muay Thai is a martial art sport from Thailand. I believe many Singaporeans are not really that familiar with Muay Thai, but if I give you an analogy that muay thai is to Thailand what Judo is to Japan and Taekwondo is to South Korea, you will probably understand what muay thai is all about better.

In my National Service days, I love unarmed combat and I love to kick some butts hence I may really like muay thai. Watching people practising muay thai on television, I am quite inspired and have checked out  to learn how to practise muay thai in none other than the country of its origin: Thailand.

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