Sunday, July 19, 2009

Singapore Chat

Dear All,

Many Thanks for your TREMENDOUS support for Singapore Short Stories! Your support has enabled Singapore Short Stories to break record new heights of readership, making it one of the Best Loved Singapore's blog! Many Thanks once again!

Do continue to support Singapore Short Stories for this will be the blog where you can follow me to uncover some of Singapore's newest, wackiest, undiscovered treasures on this little tiny island.
What's more, this blog is about You, about Me, about us together, sharing our common experiences living together on this little island which we call home.

For foreigners, this is the blog where you can read about the barest facts, truest facts of life in Singapore and the many Great places I share with you here can help you plan your lovely tour to our country!

To increase the interactiveness of us: readers and I and among readers, I have included a chatterbox on the right side of this panel for readers be it our local folks or overseas friends to drop a note.
I know that this chatterbox may be also be subject to some unwanted comments: like unsolicited advertising, spamming, vulgarities or others. Just hope that posters to this chatterbox please refrain from posting SPAM advertising or any other discriminatory messages.

Many Thanks to All and have Enjoy your stay on this Blog!

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