Saturday, July 04, 2009

Is Life Fair?

With a little time on my side, I would like to take on this philosophical theme. My definite and resolute answer is that life CAN BE fair.

In my life, I have seen many who have such bad character, personality, treat others badly, are unkind, evil leading a good life. They are rich, they flaunt their wealth, lead a very good life, however they trample on others, treat others like rubbish. I have seen management who is utterly incompetent who steps down on the lower-ranked subordinates yet lead a good life.

You may be witnessing and even experiencing this time and again in your daily life. Bad people leading a comfortable life in luxury, having material possessions. You look at yourself, compare to these assholes and wonder why, you, who are capable, talented and by much better than them in capability, IQ and EQ are ‘buried’ and seem to be always losing to these assholes. You wonder whether life is fair at all?

My response is for you NOT to worry. The Karmic laws will soon catch up with all evil-doers in this world: The rich who are evil, the people who are evil in nature. The laws of Karma will befall them, maybe not in their lifetime, but in their next lives. Maybe not to them, but to their future generations. Life can be fair, just that we may not be around to see justice being served on evil baddies in the world!

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