Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Southern-most point of the Asian Continent!

SINGAPORE is the southern-most COUNTRY of the Asian Continent.

SENTOSA is the southern-most ISLAND of Singapore that still falls within the Asian territory.

Palawan Beach is the southern-most beach of Sentosa.

A mini-beach that is connected to Palawan Beach, south of the beach is the southern-most mini-beach of Sentosa …..

Hence the Southern-most point of the Asian Continent is the mini-beach off Palawan beach!

It has been years since I set foot on the Southern-most point of the Asian Continent, however the same excitement filled me as my Dear and I visited the place some weeks ago.

There is now a watching tower at the point, offering visitors an unparalleled bird-eye view of the surrounding seas and most parts of the Sentosa island!

The bridge connecting to the point from Palawan Beach truly rocks from side to side.

A most beautiful southernmost point of Asia, replete with the sun, sand and the seas! Next time, I must go to the northernmost, westernmost, easternmost point of Asia too! Wonder where are these places?

In my opinion, the northernmost point will be somewhere in Russia, the westernmost point will be somewhere in Turkey and the easternmost point will be somewhere in China!

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