Sunday, July 19, 2009

Does Zoe Tay looks older than Fann Wong?

Recently the TV serial drama, "The Ultimatum" has drawn a flurry of negative comments from Singaporeans about the ridiculous storyline as well as the most contentious topic, which is also a tatoo in the showbiz industry; it is none-the-less the nemesis of women: age!
In the show, many have commented that though Caldecoot Queens Zoe Tay and Fann Wong each played a woman 34 years of age; Zoe, whose real age is 41 looks much older than Fann, whose real age is 38!
Many, especially women have stood by Zoe, saying that childbirth has taken more of a woman (Zoe has 2 kids). I think as I have mentioned in the blog some weeks ago, all this issue has surfaced up due to the 'High Definition' broadcast medium this show is telecast. High Definition is not as kind to Zoe than Fann.
Why should we bother about whether Zoe looks old? Everyone will be old one day, shall we always judge an artiste by her looks? In my opinion, both Zoe and Fann have aged gracefully, with Zoe not seeking botox or any other treatments to make her look younger.

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