Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow will be an extraordinary day for there will be a solar eclipse, a natural weather phenomenon which occurs approximately once in a hundred years.

Many scientists and astrologers have flocked to some parts of China to view this natural stunning phenomenon when day will become night and then day again.. all in minutes!

In the past, ancient societies like China and India view solar eclipse as something evil, I am more familar in the China context when solar eclipses were viewed as a phenomenon when the Celestial Dog ate up the moon. The villagers drummed, created tons of noise to scare the Celestial Dog, and thought they won in scaring the Celestial Dog off when the solar eclipse was over.

Anyway, Indian astrologers have warned that tomorrow's solar eclipse would be a sign of something drastic! No kidding, as I typed the above sentence, goosebumps appeared on me. Some Indian families postponed the birth of their babies tomorrow as the solar eclipse might, in their beliefs, cause some deformities in their newborns.

I held the view that natural calamities may occur due to solar eclipse not because of the superstitious beliefs but due to the fact that such a natural abnormality like a solar eclipse turns the laws and rules of nature around, disrupts the flow of the natural elements and hence natural disasters may really occur!

And if wars, like what the Indian astrologers really paint out, occur as a result of solar eclipse, I think it may be due to the fact that solar eclipse causes such disruption in natural flows on earth that it impacts human behavior such that humans deviate from normal behaviors.

Oh, I may be talking too much or thinking too much into this. Anyway, Singapore will not be able to view the solar eclipse occuring at different times in different countries. Latest news from China is that tomorrow, China's sky may be cloudy so much so that observations of solar eclipse may be disrupted!

Anyway, tomorrow when solar eclipse occurs, I will still be on MRT to work. Will the solar eclipse upset the natural flow to affect the MRT? ....

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Anonymous said...

I do not think that organisms will be effected as much as some believe they may. Plants and animals will have a short-term behavioral malfunction but will shortly, thereafter, (6 minutes and 47 seconds) re-adapt themselves to the remaining day. Such evening blooming flowers may bloom for a minute, some animals may take a nap for a minute, but with human beings knowing that it is only an occurence of astrological phenomena, we will all look, take aw, and move about our day.

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