Friday, July 24, 2009

H1N1 news: 4th H1N1 death in Singapore! 40% of Singaporeans to get H1N1 within the next 2 months!

I learnt of another sad tragedy surrounding the H1N1 situation in Singapore today: the 4th death! 2 more people suffering H1N1 were also warded in the Intensive Care Units.

It seems that Singapore is getting a H1N1 death so easily, so common these days! It seems scary! Would I be the next to contract H1N1?

It is likely that I would contract H1N1 for the Ministry of Health has estimated that within the next 2 months, 40% of all Singaporeans or rather people living on this little island would be infected with H1N1. Darwin's evolution theory: Survival of the fittest, will then kick in..... the stronger and healthier will survive.. the less healthier may succumb to H1N1 and even die! Collectively, Singaporeans would then develop a herd immunity towards H1N1, and hopefully vaccines would then be developed to help fight against this dreadful disease!

In my opinion, this wave of H1N1 is scarier than any terrorist attack! And this H1N1 infection wave underscores the fact no matter how Man has conquered the earth, the moon, made quantum leaps in technology, he still could not win the battle against the most minute viruses since time immemorial.. therein a biological attack by terrorists is also scary.. imagine a H1N1 strain developed by terrorists which is lethal! It could wipe millions within days!

Health is the most important. Embrace Health today. I strongly encourage all Singaporeans to exercise more regularly, eat more wisely, sleep earlier to live more healthily within these 2 months!

We would not want to be the 40%!

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