Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'

Singapore is famous for its myriads of hawker centres. In every hawker centre, there is bound to be a drink stall, either one or more. And out of these drink stalls, there is bound to be one, which sells both 'Chin Chow' (Black Grass Jelly) drink or 'Tau Hway' (Soya Bean) drink.

I have always been drinking either one of these drinks: either 'Chin Chow' or 'Tau Hway' depending on my preferences on that particular day. It was not two weeks ago when I came across a drink stall in a famous hawker centre selling 'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'! (see picture above!)

I must tell you that the taste of this combination is SIMPLY FANTASTIC! I get to enjoy the unqiue tastes of both Yummy drinks! And in future, if I come across any drink stall, I will just ask the drink owner to get me 'Chin Chow' +'Tau Hway'! (just combine, I think no issue with them on that!)

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