Sunday, July 26, 2009

Orchard Central

Hello All Readers,

As promised, I have gone to both Orchard Central shopping centre and Ion Orchard Shopping mall today to bring you the most updated news and personal insights of these newest shopping centres in Singapore, both located in Orchard Road, nevertheless.

I would now be writing on Orchard Central, do look out for my post on Ion Orchard soon.

Orchard Central shopping centre is located near Somerset Shopping centre, opposite John Little and next to the soon-to-be completed Somerset 313 shopping centre.

Except for what seems to be the longest escalator for a shopping centre, the tall and glassy facade of the shopping centre is almost non-typical of a shopping centre as it looks quite non-descript and more of an office skyscraper. However, once you enter into the shopping centre, you will find yourself in a completely different Orchard Road Shopping Centre: as what Orchard Central's tagline says: new rules and new experiences!

Guess what my Dear and I saw when we entered into the shopping centre after taking the super-long escalator? We saw many people sleeping so comfortably on the sofas on the level! And true to what we thought of the relaxing atmosphere in the shopping centre, there were really really many people taking a quick nap at the many sofas interpersed on the many floors, just take a closer look at the photo below:

Orchard Central is the mall my Dear and I love soon after few minutes in the mall. Unlike any other typical shopping mall in Orchard Road, this shopping mall scores highly in its unique design and features. There is even a high rock climbling wall in the shopping mall with instructors ready to give students a lesson! Just take a closer look at the photo below:

I must say that Orchard Central is really Singapore's number 1 largest shopping centre in terms of height. Which shopping centre can you find a staggering total of 13 storeys (including 2 basements)?

It is hence befitting that this Singapore's tallest shopping mall is also home to the tallest girl in Singapore! How tall is this girl? Just look at the photos below (due to the sheer height, I have to 'break' the photo of the girl into two portions!)

This lady's height spans 12 storeys of Orchard Central! Looking from below, I feel tiny!

The designer of the shopping mall really did a marvellous job in creating a shopping mall whose traffic is really very distributed out! No way we experienced jamming as the traffic flow paths are really very diverse, scattering the heavy traffic easily!

The concept and layout of Orchard Central is also Great! My Dear and I love Orchard Central for it really promises new fules, new experiences and shopping in the mall is relaxing! No jostling with the crowds, one is able to shop at one's pace and able to take a good rest at many of the resting sofas!

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