Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another traffic accident

Another traffic accident occured in Singapore yesterday, on the heels of a series of traffic accidents for the past two weeks.

This time round, a 16-yr old student, Ken Howe drove his brother's car without a driving licence (not his first) and his car crashed against a tree, killing him instantly!

Luckily no other pedestrians were killed too.

While I expressed my sympathy to the loss of a young life, I could not agree with a person who does not have a qualified driving licence driving a car. What happened if it is not Ken How who got killed but a few others through his unqualified driving?

On a separate note, I find that the traffic police's requirement to have new drivers displaying a 'P' plate throughout the one year of them getting their licence is not fool-proof: not all new drivers would buy a car to drive immediately after getting their licences. Some new drivers may only drive 5 years after getting their licences, thus is it fair to road users that he need not display a 'P' plate though his skills can still be very fresh as those who drive within one year after getting their licences?

A question to ponder about.

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