Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lessons for Today

Lesson 1 : Efficient, effective and excellent

I have always been efficient and I guess I am on the way to being more effective and excellent! Efficient precedes effectiveness which precedes excellent meaning to say one must first learnt to be efficient then effective and finally he will be on his path to gaining excellence!

Efficient is like putting clothes into a washing machine and getting 90% of the clothes washed spotfree. Effectiveness is like the state of the washing machine. If the washing machine is not effective, no matter how good the efficient is, the clothes will not come out as spot-free. An excellent washing machine is one which washes your clothes in the soonest time and ensures your clothes come out blemish-free!

Lesson 2: Information to Knowledge

At work, I believe one must create his own system to handle the information that he is given. One should not merely read what he is given and take its entirety for granted. One should dissect the information like a good surgeon, repackage the information into different frames, into his own system, something that he can make sense about and along the way glean some new insights. Today I experienced the wonderful benefits of such a ‘dissect cum repackage’ approach and learnt more about the task at hand. This is the route to transforming information into knowledge for one.

Lesson 3: Synergy

Today I held a meeting and presented to the group on my proposal. I was the leader for this project and had drafted an outline of the proposal to present to the group for consideration.

The group approved and concurred with my proposal and in addition threw up a slew of good suggestions to fine tune the proposal, making it much better! Synergy is indeed wonderful! Who could have thought that by having different members contributing different ideas and improving upon the existing ideas, we could have such a wonderful result that everyone can be proud of.

I experienced the power of synergy today, an experience which I have not experienced for a long time.

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