Monday, September 01, 2008

RSAF Open House 2008

My Honey and I braved the early morning sun as we made our way to the RSAF Open House at Paya Lebar air base yesterday.

Yesterday was the last of the two-day event and by 0945 hours, throngs of crowds had formed at Eunos Bus Interchange where scores of free shuttle buses ferried visitors to the venue at regular intervals.

It was a quite a wait to board the buses but luckily not an overtly long one. When we arrived at the airbase, another wait greeted the visitors. Rows of queues had formed up as we arrived at the venue. Halfway through the queue, we realized that the queues were not meant for entering the exhibition grounds, they were for screening purposes. The merciless blaze of the red-hot sun exacerbated the long wait and brollies went up by the dozens as shields against the sun. It paid to be armed with brollies and water bottles for such long waiting under the sun. Shrieks and screams of young children during the wait only increased the ire of what seemed to be an incessant wait.

But the wait was worth the time. The organizing committee paid 100% attention to security in this post-911 era to ensure a safe visit for all!

Displayed on the vast exhibition ground was a raft of military helicopters, airplanes and other military weaponry. Visitors flocked to strike a pose with the exhibits and be captured on film or video, or tour the interior of the giant aircrafts.

Soon, the sky darkened and the sky pelted with a short dose of shower. After the rain, all was well and the weather grew even conducive.

The RSAF Open House held every year is a showcase of our country’s air force prowess. It makes for a good family gathering as Singaporeans learn that defence is not something taken for granted.

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