Sunday, March 01, 2009

Singapore General Election 2010?

In the recent weeks, there was speculation as to whether the Singapore General Elections would be held at the latter half of the year as there were some signs that points to a imminent election:
a) Updating of the election register
b) Many Goodies for Singaporeans as announced in the Budget
c) Upgrading of estates in many constituencies.
Prime Minister and Ministers have not disclosed of the date for Singapore's General Election but it will definitely has to be held by year 2011.
My Best Guess: Singapore General Election will most likely be held in January 2010 as it takes some time, say the latter half of the year to see some fruits reaped from the initiatives that the government has taken to ride Singaporeans out of the gravest economic recession since the Great Depression.
Past details of General Election 2006.

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