Friday, March 13, 2009

PAYM Policy Forum @ East Coast GRC & Joo Chiat SMC: Is Singapore a country of campaigns? (Free Cable Car Rides await each participant !!!)

With recession in Singapore lingering and looking to stay with us for a longer time than expected, it is good to hear some Great news!

Yeah! Recently I heard of a forum coming up, discussing about a topic that Singaporeans have been arguing for long without a clear verdict. The topic: Is Singapore a country of campaigns? Sounds interesting right? And if you think this news is not good enough, here come greater good news: admission to this forum is 100% free and comes with refreshments and a complimentary cable car ride for each participant!

Wow, you must be wondering: are you joking? No, it is no joke! Free cable ride awaits each successful participant! This is a youth forum, thus the forum targets youths between the age of 17 to 35. Sorry if you do not fall into this age group, but if you have friends or relatives falling within this age group, you can spread the good news to them! I have since signed up as soon as I heard the great news!

Okay, you want more details, here is it, extracted from the email I received:

From the ‘Keep Singapore Clean’ campaigns in the 1960s to the recent ‘Romancing Singapore’ campaigns, campaigns have almost become synonymous with the Singaporean way of life; this begs the inevitable question “Is Singapore a country of campaigns?”

Come down for an engaging discussion/dialogue with Ms Jessica Tan, MP for East Coast GRC & Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs in assessing the success of these campaigns and explore ways in which campaigns can be better communicated to the youths.

Date: Sunday, 22 MARCH 2009
Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Venue: Diamond Palace @ The Jewel Box, Mount Faber,
Pickup point: Harborfront Tower Coach Bay, 12.30pm
Admission, comes with refreshments and cable car ride for each participant is completely free!

Why wait? Register now, giving these details to

1) Your name
2) IC No
3) Handphone number
4) Email Address
5) Requires transport or not?
6) Gender
7) Working or studying

This is an exclusive ‘lobang’ from Singapore Short Stories to reward readers like you! Wait no more ba! See you there!

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