Monday, March 09, 2009

Earth Hour Singapore 2009

Come 28 Mar 2009 (Saturday), 2030 hours, Singapore time, Singaporeans, I will like to rally you to light off your house, off your computers and aircon for an hour to join the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Hour 2009!

Yes, you can make a difference on this special date 28 Mar 2009 by not using electricity for one hour! Small this effort of yours may be, but if each household ‘off’ its electricity for an hour, the efforts by Singaporeans will translate to something significant! And if many countries cooperate and support Earth hour by encouraging its citizens to off their electricity for an hour, just imagine how many hectares of forests we can save!

Foreign readers to my blog, I am not sure whether your government has publicised Earth Hour in your country, maybe you can leave a comment on the celebrations of Earth Hour in your country in my blog. If you have just come to hear of this event from my blog, I would encourage you could stop using your electricity in your home for that hour on 28 Mar 09 and feel free to share this Earth Hour initiative with your friends and relatives.

Yes, I will be celebrating Earth Hour by running non-stop to charge up my body since there is no electricity. My kinetic energy will be in turn used to charge up a generator which is attached to my body, in turn this generator will help to light up the streets lightings which have to be ‘On’ for safety reasons, just kidding. I will be somewhere advocating this cause to others during that hour.

Please support Earth Hour! Do not use electricity on that hour come 28 Mar 09 and most importantly, conserve electricity on a daily basis. Let every hour be an Earth Hour!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for promoting Earth Hour! Another way you can recruit people to the cause is by creating a Earth Hour group on Simply create a group about one action that you will commit to do for Earth Hour and recruit your friends, family, and co-workers to get involved in that action as well. When it comes to climate change, simple actions can make huge differences and Commit21 leverages social media to influence networks of friends, family, and co-workers. Check it out at

youngtt said...

Got a newsletter from Wisma supporting and see who else in your neighbourhood is also EH supporter....pretty cool

Anonymous said...

yeah good that you're promoting Earth Hour 2009. Then again, if you're gonna run during the hour, you're ironically giving off heat to the Earth. Cheers.

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