Monday, March 23, 2009

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In the past, I always have very low self esteem and do not have much confidence in myself, thus I have few friends and was often being made a fool due to my kindness, real innocence and naivety ....
I have since wisened up and learnt to function beyond my own expectations. The books I read, the talks I attended and the people whom I have interacted with, those people who are very successful in their fields, who have demonstrated to me that a normal human being can really function at a higher level that they expect, break away all self-limiting stereotypes, to function at a higher level and succeed in ways they could never imagine themselves to be.
I learnt the importance of time management. The world is fair afterall, be it you or Albert Einstein, Bill Gates or Obama, everyone of us has 24 hours, no more or no less .. it depends on how effectively we make use of our time to accomplish more things in our existence in the same limited amount of time than our counterparts.
I have seen many, who are really successful in their fields, accomplishing so much things in the same 24 hours that I have and that you have and their energy seems does not fade away, on the contrary, these very people seems more energetic than the average man; interacting with them, their energy seems to rub off on me.
I definitely have much to learn from these successful people who excel in many fields of their lives be it in work, family, community, sports. and hobbies. I believe that with the right mindset and atitude, I will succeed or if not succeed, at least achieve much more than before!


Sam said...

Hi there. You have a pleasant blog with enriching content. If you have the time, could you recommend me some motivational/self-help books.

Thank you. =D You can also visit me blog at

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Sam for your post!

For a start, you can read books by Dale Carnegie.

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