Thursday, March 19, 2009

Singapore Kampung (Kampong) Spirit

I encountered the phrase ‘Kampung Spirit’ recently so much so that I feel compelled to give my own interpretation of the phrase in my blog.

In my humble opinion, ‘Kampung Spirit’ boils down to one word: TRUST, trust between the members of a race and between the different races.

Your grandpa or grandma might have often told you the stories how in their kampung days, people sleep soundly with the doors of their houses open and ‘nothing bad’ will happen.

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keeseng said...

You are so right. I extend that to mean the character real Singaporean. Urbanisation had changed the Seingaporean. There is so little trust in each other in Singapore, both between individuals and groups. We should all work hard to prevent the extinction of this Singaporean species. I propose that we start with ourselves doing what we think is thoughtful. I believe others will eventually follow.

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