Saturday, March 28, 2009

Singapore Earth Hour: Lights off Singapore!

At exactly 2030 hours today, Singapore will join the rest of the world in celebrating Earth Hour.
Part of Suntec City and the surrounding Central Business District will 'Lights Off'' for an hour from2030 hours.
There are also a number of community events supporting Earth Hour,
If you would be at home during Earth Hour (2030 hours to 2130 hours) today, switch off your lights, come out from your house and go and stroll around your estate to see how your estate fares in supporting Earth Hour!

Or better still, have a candle light dinner with your family and loved ones, making sure that the candles are beewax candles so as to cause minimal destruction to our mother earth.
Earth Hour is just an annual initiative. Though this event is only carried out once a year, imagine how many acres of forests would be saved if many countries particpated fully in 'lights off' for just an hour.
The message is still paramount: in your daily life, do not just be aware of environment conservation, practise it!

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