Thursday, March 19, 2009

Singapore Bosses

In work, it is one’s blessing to have a boss who is a leader: one who communicates well with his subordinates, is fair, shows no prejudices, is competent, efficient, effective, moral, on-the-ground, decisive and takes responsibilities and ownership.. the list goes on; seeming exhaustive the list might be but it would already be good enough if one’s boss exhibits a few of these traits.

Imagine we spend so much of our time living on this earth working. If we cannot get along well with our boss, it will be time to change the boss (until you wait for his retirement, posting, sacking or even passing on) or you have to change your job.

Till today, I have served 4 bosses in all. The first boss was a strict taskmaster by the nature of his work. He was very detail-oriented and demanding but at the end of a hard day, he would give a pat on my shoulder and gave praises and recognition when I deserved.

The second boss was a lady boss, who was more like a big sister to me than a direct superior. I was a student under her charge for my industrial attachment and I admire her for the way she stood up for her section under her charge and the way she fought for her charges when necessary. She was also unselfish to impart additional skills and knowledge to her subordinates and not to mention, she got along well with her subordinates.

For the last two bosses I have served and am currently serving, I have lots to say and write about but I think I shall not say more.

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