Friday, March 13, 2009

SAF serviceman Lim Kian Hong dies during 2.4 km run

I just came to learn of another sad tragedy occuring in Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). This time round, Second Warrant Officer, Lim Kian Hong, died during a 2.4 km run.
It is a terrible setback to our SAF, for SAF has lost one of its regulars. I always have deep respect for Second Warrant Officers as they worked up up the ranks and have accumulated a wealth of military experiences.
It is thus a sad incident! These days, Singaporeans seem more and more fragible. Young and healthy altheles passing out and dying after some strenuous runs have become more and more commonplace.

Why is that so? Is it due to the modern and fast paced city life, people not as rugged as before?
My belief is due to Global Warming, just my thoughts. With Global Warming and Ozone depletion aggravating, all sorts of nonsensical diseases become prevalent and our immunity have deteoriated.


Anonymous said...

True that. Though i feel that its more because of the many artificial food that's available today compared to yesteryear.

Singapore Short Stories said...

I also agree with you, Taufiq!

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