Monday, March 02, 2009

NATAS Travel Fair 2009

My Dear and I attended the NATAS Travel Fair 2009 yesterday at the Singapore EXPO.
The fair was held at the Singapore EXPO from last Thursday to yesterday, thus yesterday was the last day of the fair.
The travel fair was not free, admission tickets are charged at $3 each. Despites the economic recession, when it comes to traveling, Singaporeans are not letting their wallets dictate their recreational spending, just take a look at the throngs of crowd which descended on the fair! Singaporeans were still lapping up the admission tickets. It was also reported that on the first day of the fair, the queue stretched all the way from Expo Hall 4/5 to the Expo MRT station!

My Dear and I were lost in the sea of crowd inside the exhibition hall. Our hands were full as promoters handed us leaflets after leaflets of their offerings. We took only those of interest to us in a bid to save Mother Earth. Many of the visitors had their hands full of brochures, pamphlets, travel catalogues. It would be a sheer damage to Mother Earth if all these paper resources become rubbish ultimately.

My Dear and I compared some of the travel agents offering a holiday to our dream destination and agreed upon a package. The travel fair is one where one is most likely able to get one of the Best travel deals in town, this explains why such fairs and other fairs like the computer and IT fair always draw a storm of visitors, hunting for great bargains!

The travel fair was great, even for those who visited the fair but went home not paying for any package, as I believe they must have at least learnt something about some countries and travel information!

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