Monday, March 02, 2009

NTU Lecturer stabbed by student, student stabber committed suicide

A Professor from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University,believed to be Professor Chan Kap Luk, who is in his 40s, was stabbed by a student, an Indonesian-Chinese. It was reported that the police received a call about the incident at 10.25 this morning.

Chan survived the stabbing and has been sent to the Nationl University Hospital. The student stabber slit his wrists and jumped from the building at the engineering block, which was about five-storey high after the stabbing. He died from his injuries.

The stabbings of university dons and professors at universities here are not new. Many years ago, if I remember correctly, a Computer Engineering Professor was fatally stabbed by his student. There was another case, equally long ago, where a Professor at a local university here was killed by a homosexual student.. they had some homosexual links or so.. I did not really know in depth the case.
Studying too hard, giving oneself too much expectations and the inability to cope with academic failures can be aggravating factors which will drive a student to committ unimaginable things. This latest case in this post is unfolding, not much details on what caused the stabber to commit his act. Students should just give their best and avoid giving themselves undue pressure... in any endeavour, one should perform to his best ability, not necessary to be the Best.


Anonymous said...

sometimes the pressure doesn't come from studying hard to be the best or whatever.
the school environment can be just stifling and maddening.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe what happened is on the contracry, Kap Luk who killed David, throwed his body from the window, and hurted himself?

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