Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman killed after being hit by MRT train at Clementi MRT Station

This morning, a woman was killed after being hit by a MRT train at Clementi MRT station!

What a sad piece of news! The number of deaths at MRT stations have become so commonplace that it is now not as shocking and surprising as before.

When the first MRT train death grabbed the headlines, the whole nation was gripped by shock and surprise. Ever since this first incident, the number of similar MRT tragedies have increased multi-fold so much so it seems to be a ‘regular affair’ now.

I have, some months before, blogged about a MRT tragedy and the coming plans by SMRT to put in place the barriers on above-ground MRT platforms in the near future, its sad to see one life gone before the actual implementation…. I wonder how many lives in the future will be gone before the barriers come onboard.

The police are still investigating today’s latest incident. It is a terrible thing to be hit by a train zapping at such great speeds.

I have seen photos sent to me of a train death victim before.. the victim was a mangled wreck, a mash potato to say the least ……..

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